Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a job?

To begin posting a job, visit our Post a Job landing page. Then follow the instructions given.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Job postings are free to all Innovate BC program participants.

If my company is not an Innovate BC program participant can I still post a job?

No, Innovate BC's job board is exclusive to our past and current program participants.

I don't know if my company participated in an Innovate BC program. How do I check?

Contact [email protected].

What are the advantages to posting to the Innovate BC job board?

The Innovate BC job board is a platform where our program participants can advertise their job openings at no cost. From social media, to our newsletter, to partner organizations throughout the province, Innovate BC will also distribute job postings to our audiences and partners on various channels.

What are the restrictions to posting to the job board?

Posting a job to the Innovate BC job board implies the agreement to our Terms of Use. Innovate BC will not post a job: 

  • that does not conform to an employer-employee relationship; 
  • if there are no immediate job vacancies to fill; 
  • that is a duplicate of a job posting currently advertised on the Innovate BC Job Board; 
  • if fees are charged to job seekers or applicants; 
  • for volunteer or unpaid internship opportunities; 
  • that contains content that Innovate BC reasonably considers to be inappropriate. 

How long until my job posting appears on the site?

Innovate BC verifies that all job postings are made by Innovate BC program participants. All verified job postings will be live within 2 business days.

How long are job postings live?

Job postings are live for 30 days and then expire, unless you manually remove the job posting.

How do I remove my job posting early (before 30 days)?

Login to the Innovate BC job board > select 'jobs' on the right hand column > click 'actions' > click 'delete'.

How do I edit my job posting?

Login to the Innovate BC job board > select 'jobs' on the right hand column > click 'actions' > click 'update' > make any necessary changes.